The private company GREEN POINT Services, emerged towards the end of 1990 in Romania, was established to satisfy the ever growing demand on the local market of computer systems. Its range of activities includes:

  • assembling of computer equipment and office automation products;
  • studies, consulting, configuration & design of systems and software applications;
  • technical support, installation, maintenance and service in the computer field.

Formerly established as a Dutch-Romanian Joint Venture, the company has developed a long-term strategy to offer its clients an optimum value-for-money balance, to back up the imminence of an updated technology. Being involved mainly in the implementation of equipping projects, concerned in the set-up of a team of highly experienced staff in the computer system manufacturing and maintenance business, the firm has reached the top level of trade for the products it offers. The second half of the decade revealed a growing market need of IT services and, as a result, the management focused on that direction, and the company became a 100% Romanian private business.

Trusted and recognized among the reliable software suppliers, we are proud to count among our loyal customers major firms in the industrial field as well as many small and medium enterprises.


With more than thirteen years of experience in manufacturing and servicing computer systems, GREEN POINT Services succeeded in being regarded as a serious solution supplier. In our technical department, all the equipment must pass the preliminary, burn-in and final tests to ensure a high quality of the end products. We have also proved our technical capabilities in the maintenance field by an efficient service & technical support system - both in the warranty and post-warranty period - building a lasting relationship with our customers.


A dedicated department involved in "turn key" software has developed a powerful set of applications according to the Romanian customer's requirements and the legislation in force. Mainly in relational database management, our programs are running both in standalone and network environments, covering the whole range, from simple accounting modules to complex software systems for small and medium size companies.

Taking advantage of the well-trained personnel, with computer analysis and programming skills, various "by request" projects for some foreign representatives or local distributors were managed. The tailored software products were designed to meet the specific needs imposed by the documentation requirements.

Furthermore, the company's strategic plans include the extension abroad of its software customer portfolio.

Being backed up by its experience and achievements, GREEN POINT Services expresses a genuine interest in a serious business partnership with reliable companies in the software development area.